My name is Sarah Garner and I have for been supporting individuals and organisations develop their full potential for more than 20 years.

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If you need support to develop resilience, to improve your wellbeing at work, to be a better leader to your team or to handle difficult change or a crisis situation please book a free discovery call to access on-line coaching.

A qualified executive coach and certified change management practitioner I specialise in developing individuals and organisations to enhance their leadership capabilities and personal resilience.

Coaching can be in the form of one to one coaching for individuals or for groups focusing on improving individual performance, team facilitation, conflict management and career progression.

I advocate for conscious leadership and encourage my clients to work with this philosophy as individuals and organisations seeking to develop or handling difficult change.

I support organisations to develop the right people-centred change practices for their change from developing change vision, narrative and strategy to finding the right mechanisms to really involve people in making change happen.

Whatever your leadership challenges or organisation development needs I will be able to produce a personalised program to support you through the change process.